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  • Photoshop beginner
    Tony Boban
    0.082 hours
  • Drawing Course - Beginner
    Mishel Shaji
    10.000 hours
  • Adobe Illustrator CC - Beginner
    Tony Boban
    15.000 hours

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Aswin Joy.

" I was always searching for a high-quality Python course in Malayalam, and finally here is one! This course is going to be pretty helpful for all the mallu coders. Mishel knows his stuff and explains the difficult concepts in an understandable way. I will definitely recommend this course to everyone who wants to become a Python programmer! "

Akshay P.

" I've never completed a course like this before and I cannot express how great the instructor was and the overall content of the material.Thank you mishel sir! "


" I'd like to attend more classes from you. I feel better equipped to manage after completing the course. Very insightful and interactive. Presentations were interesting, good slides and videos that kept us all engaged. "


" Dear Mishel sir, your classes are awesome. We learned a lot from you... More than that in the syllabus lol 😅... Your advises for our future was very great and inspiring. Thank you sir. "


" Sir, more than from the way you teach, I liked the way you treated everyone in the class. Your advices were really usefull. Thank you so much sir. "


" Dear Mishel sir... Your classes were intresting.... I enjoyed it a lot. And yeah your advises too. Thank you sir😊. "